Keep it smart with a unified

Digital workplace


One platform to optimize, manage,and track all of your work

Process management

Rich, automated workflows, built by anyone

Case management

Flexible workflows that put users in control

Project management

An intuitive approach to managing projects


Productive discussions, centered on work

  Process Management

Designed to boost productivity

Design fully custom forms, tweaking everything from form layouts to elements and data sources

Design the path your data takes through the process, using easy visual process elements

Define responsibilities and visibility according to the user’s role, level, and the nature of form data

Get key insights into processes with customizable dashboards and reports giving you just the information you need

  Case Management

In case management, you control the flow.

Incident Management

Report incidents and take corrective actions

 Claim processing

Process and resolve claims. Generate reports for analytics


Assign tickets quickly and track for responsive solutions

 Bug tracking

Get instant access to every bug status and priority

 Service requests

Quick access and smart alert for service requests

 Help Desk

A central hub to handle customer questions

 Project Management

You focus on the project, kissflow will track the time

As projects scale, it gets harder to accurately measure task time.Kissflow’s on-hold feature means you can finally get accurate data about your projects.


All you need to collaborate better

Collaborating in a digital workplace means better sharing and understanding across boundaries

 Power Search

Search current and archived content across every channel

 Auto complete

Use search predictions to find team members and content

 Secret Channels

Create groups with restricted access for confidential discussions


Keep your team informed of important events and deadlines


Ask questions, collect replies, and display real-time results

 File Sharing

Share a range of file types with simple drag-and-drop technology

 Nested comments

View comments in an intuitive order for better understanding

 Content creation

Create posts with GIFs, emoji, and more to add context and fun

Integrated teams. Improved business velocity.


Any place. Any device. Any time.

More effective meetings

Share documents ahead of time to kickstart discussions and be more efficient

Faster onboarding

New team members can immediately see all discussions and context to get up to speed

Happier employees

A digital workplace helps teams thrive on open and active communication

Better productivity

Avoid time lost from switching back and forth between tools and share important ideas